Meet Dr. Adab

Katayoun Adab, DDS, MMSc, PhD

Helping People Find Confidence in their Smiles

As an orthodontist, I have the unique opportunity to help people increase their self-esteem. I truly believe that everyone deserves a smile that is healthy and beautiful.

I enjoy building relationships with my patients and their families. I love working with children, young adults, and adults who are young at heart. It’s a joy to watch people blossom as they see their new smile appear. Their comfort with their appearance leads to greater confidence and that shows in their behavior.

When patients who used to avoiding eye contact and covering their smile behind closed lips begin to actively engage, talk and laugh without hiding their teeth, I’m thrilled. They’re going to have a happier, healthier life as the result of the care my team and I provide.

Education and Continuing Education

Each year I take a wide range of continuing education courses in orthodontics and general dentistry and topics in oral medicine, human behavior and mental health. I attend international, national and regional conferences, seminars and lectures. I’ve completed the two-year Richard McLaughlin orthodontic course. 

In practice, I have treated many complex orthognathic surgical cases in collaboration with maxillofacial surgeons of western WA.  I have worked with my colleagues across the dental field in treatment planning for multidisciplinary cases. 

In Ph.D. education, I have studied and researched craniofacial growth (how face and head grows), which knowledge has helped me evading common mistakes in orthodontics. 

Publications (Limited to peer-reviewed USA Journals)

  • Adab K., Sayne J.R., Carlson D.S., Opperman L.A. Nasal capsular cartilage is required for maintenance of patent transpalatal sutures during fetal rat facial morphogenesis.  Differentiation 71:496-505, Oct. 2003.
  • Adab K., Sayne J.R., Carlson D.S., Opperman L.A. Tgf-β1, Tgf-β2 and Tgf-β3 and Msx2 expression is elevated during frontonasal suture morphogenesis and during active postnatal facial growth.  Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research, 5(4):227-237, Nov. 2002.
  • Opperman L.A., Galanis V., Williams A.R., Adab K.  Tgf-β3 down regulates transforming growth factor receptor type I during rescue of cranial sutures from osseous obliteration.  Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research, 5(1):5-16, Feb.2002
  • Opperman L.A.  Adab K., Gakunga P.T.  Tgf-β2 and Tgf-β3 regulate fetal rat cranial suture morphogenesis by regulating rates of cell proliferation and apoptosis.  Developmental Dynamics, 219 (20):  237-247, Oct. 2000

Personal Life

I have lived in Issaquah eversince 2003. I’m a lucky woman who married my dental school friend and classmate. We just celebrated our 29th anniversary. We have two children: Our daughter, Sanya and our son, Shadan. They were born on the same day, twelve years apart. They are our world!

I love nature and am happiest in it. Some of my favorite ways to spend time include swimming, biking, hiking, and creative writing. My other sanctuary, other than home and nature, is being at the library and around books. I’m an avid reader of all genres. I simply love learning!

I volunteer at my children’s school, in our local library, and as a Harvard alumna. I’m also the founder of the Adab Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization with the mission to help children in underdeveloped countries with support for their care and education.


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